How to Play


Each player draws cards with questions and prompts to facilitate conversation and build connections. 

Receive the most points from the combined categories: question, truth, and love, to win

the game.

Use the backs of each card to build a larger pattern together as a group. Place the cards next to each other to create your own design. Once a card is used and read, flip it over and begin to create your design. By the end of the game, your pattern should be complete!

game instructions

Each player draws a card from their respective deck- kids draw from the “kids deck,” adults draw from the “adult deck." It is at the players’ discretion to decide which deck best fits their role.


The oldest player takes the first turn.



There are three different types of cards: question, truth, and love.

Question Cards: when this card is drawn, the player poses the question to another player of their choice. The player who answers the question receives a tally on the score card.

Truth Cards: when this card is drawn, the player must answer the prompt themselves out loud to the group. The player will then receive a tally on the score card.


Love Cards: these cards name a characteristic. The player who draws the card chooses another player who best exemplifies this quality. The player chosen receives a love tally.

The player with the most amount of total tallies wins the game! 


Use the writing section of the scorecard to record your favorite memories while playing the game! Reflect on your favorite conversations and answers that enhanced your experience and connections! 

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how to win

The player with the highest total of tallies by the end of the game wins.


A player can have any combination of question, truth and love tallies. 


one 100-card adult deck

33 question cards

33 truth cards

34 love cards

one 100-card kids deck

33 question cards

33 truth cards

34 love cards

one scoring notepad

instruction manual


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