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A Game to Bring

People Together

play Connect with your family, friends, or loved ones to build connections and learn more about each other. 

Connect is great for all types of relationships!

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The Standard Package

Our standard package includes two 100-card decks for both kids and adults, and a scorecard notepad to record points and memories.

card mockup.jpg
notepad mockup copy.png

    Make Your Own Collage    

        the backs of each card together to create one large design!

Once you draw a card, flip it over and begin to build your own pattern.

Some examples below of ways to build your designs


connect logo-01.png
FINAL adult deck 2-01 website
card collages-03.jpg
card collages-01.jpg
FINAL kid deck design 2-01 WEBSITE versi
card collages-02.jpg

share your collage creations! 

tag us on instagram with the hashtag #myconnectcollage to share your work as a group!



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