About Connect

Connect is focused on creating social interaction between family members, or friends, to spark a dialogue in an effort to bring different perspectives together. The game encourages close-knit communities to have serious conversations through the use of card prompts and questions in a safe and comfortable environment.


The two decks corresponding to different age groups and the incentive to keep score facilitate healthy competition in an effort to appeal to younger players. After interviewing family members and learning about their opinions about our own family dynamics, I have developed a series of questions and prompts to help loved ones open up to each other. In my own experience, these conversations have been triggered by hardship. I sought an opportunity to help others engage in meaningful discussions without waiting for a tragedy or struggle to initiate the dialogue. 


This game was created to bridge the gap between different generations within a family or community so that everyone can gain a better understanding of the roles each member plays and why. It should be played in an informal setting (a home most likely) where players will feel comfortable sharing personal information with each other. Each player will be required to pose questions, give answers, and share statements of love as they draw cards. I want to help families come together and grow closer as a unit, an experience I have recently treasured.